Mobile World in Flux as Sweeping Change Takes Hold

by Renée Strömberg 20/03/18 10:00

DigitalRoute sees changing tides at Mobile World Congress 2018 

Stockholm, SWEDEN - March 20, 2018 — DigitalRoute, the leading independent provider of Enterprise Data Integration and Management Solutions globally, believes that the mobile industry has reached a pivotal point, with sweeping changes highlighted at the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this month. For one, the days of MWC as an exclusively Telco-focused event appear to be over. Digital transformation was main topic of conversation – with input from multiple market verticals. Additionally, telcos were focused on the evolution from CSP to DSP and the related, vital honing in on data, data and more data. Discussions and presentations at MWC 2018 were dominated by themes such as 5G networking and services, virtualization and the Cloud, and the Internet of Things, all of which promise a radical departure from traditional telco business models.

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