DigitalRoute Technology Eases Utilities’ Path to the Cloud

by Sancha Brody 04/10/17 10:00

Stockholm, SWEDEN, October 4th 2017 — DigitalRoute, the leading provider of Data Integration and Digital Transformation enablement solutions globally, has brought its Cloud-focused technology to European Utility Week in Amsterdam, October 3rd-5th.  The technology has already been successfully tested for compatibility with a number of key Cloud Infrastructure Platforms and has been deployed by leading utilities.

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DigitalRoute’s Advanced Technology puts Utilities in the Driver’s Seat

by Sancha Brody 29/09/17 10:00


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ALPIQ Deploys IoT Platform by DigitalRoute

by Sancha Brody 02/11/16 10:00

Energy utility takes innovative approach to meeting market challenges 

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