DigitalRoute Releases MediationZone 7.1

by Keith Brody 13/03/15 14:30

New version delivers higher performance and additional functionality that enables Communication Service Providers to more quickly and cost effectively meet the challenge of an evolving market

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DigitalRoute discusses VoLTE and the potential of mediation as a service enabler

by Keith Brody 02/10/14 14:26

WHAT:  A panel discussion involving telecoms industry thought-leaders who will be discussing Pricing Plans for VoLTE Services. The panel is part of the LTE World Series of events.

WHO: Lars Månsson, Snr Director of Product Management & Strategy, will represent DigitalRoute.

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DigitalRoute releases MediationZone 7.0

by Keith Brody 30/09/14 15:32

Bringing high performance and functional advances to Communication Service Providers challenged to meet the demands of network evolution

DigitalRoute, the leading provider of mediation solutions globally, today announced the release of its MediationZone 7.0 software, which delivers an easy-to-integrate, high-performing, and functionally advanced platform that gives CSPs unrivalled control over their usage and performance data in a flexible, cost-effective and robust manner.

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DigitalRoute Launches Service Control Solution to Meet Telco Market Demand

by Keith Brody 07/04/14 15:22

Delivering fast enablement and monetization of new services

DigitalRoute, whose flexible mediation offering enables service providers to gain control of their growing data volumes, announces the launch of Service Control, a pre-configured solution built on the MediationZone platform.

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Innovative approach will be demonstrated at the Telenor Connexion stand 32C in the Connected City

by Thomas Vasen 19/02/13 09:57


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